A friend who’s been busy and productive, incredibly giving and productive, says she’s finding herself needing to rest.  How wonderful, I respond.  Perhaps because I was raised to stop and savor,  rest and appreciation come easily for me.  I’m trying to better bring that reservation of renewal into more visibility so today I find myself resting on a ball moving this way and that.

I read that a container ship, the Ever Given is stuck blocking the Suez Canal, an essential travel link.   There’s something funny to me in the tragedy.  Perhaps it’s the name as though first the pandemic, and now, this, says there’s a place to stop and recalibrate this world we share.  

Ebi and Ginger have come to my son and his wife from a racetrack in Florida.  They are rescue greyhounds,, rescued through the love, work, and care of volunteers. They’ve lived in separate crates, and now, though there are beds throughout the house, they share a bed, a home, and intertwined legs, and it’s only been a few weeks.

Ginger and Ebi

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