I’m home again and as I consider what poem beckons me today, it’s the sound of hot water dripping through coffee grounds.  That sound passes into taste.

Yesterday morning I had breakfast at the Residence Inn in Menlo Park.  For some strange and unknown reason a TV was on in the breakfast room blaring out the morning news.  Two little boys, around eight years old, stood there aghast as they watched a video showing two young children being dropped over a border wall in New Mexico.  Then the trial of the murderer of George Floyd came on.

I hate to be an “in my day” sort of person but my parents read the newspaper and probably watched the 6:00 news.  We read the newspaper when our children were young.  Now, of course, we read the news from a variety of sources on-line. I’m sure there was awareness, as there should be, in both generations of the horrors that occurred, but certainly not an onslaught as the first meal of the day is consumed. 

We’ve had a heat wave which today draws the fog onto the ridge.  It’s a new day and I’m grateful for my home and a month that celebrates poetry in a myriad of ways.  

Morning with the moon a gift in the sky

The fog blows in and then softens out

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