Isn’t that a major theme?  Change!

Yesterday I was invited in my Sensory Awareness group to tear firm paper into strips.  Just that, might have been enough, the sound and the hesitation in my hands and in the paper to bring those fibers apart, to separate what was once together in a tree, and then, brought together again, to now be rendered and gently tendered apart.

We then separated strips of tissue paper.  I had Christmas tissue paper at hand.  A different sound and feel as this texture found space with new edges and shape.

We then wrote on strips of firm paper, and strips of tissue paper.

We wrote: There is something deeply within us that knows.

We wrote Charlotte Selver’s famous words: Every moment is a moment. The question is how we answer it.

We wrote our own vow.  My vow these days is to melt the icebergs within.  Lately I’ve been with all that’s hidden underneath that I haven’t yet discovered or uncovered.  I’ve been thinking about how it was for the iceberg and the Titanic to meet and break apart.

Anna, who was leading us in this experiment, spoke of how we use the same word for tear and tear.  When one pauses to consider, the same word for what appears different on the surface, makes sense.

We made boats of our thicker paper strips, and twisted the ends of the tissue paper and allowed them to float together in a bowl of water.  On some, the ink dissipated like smoke.  Even with waves, mine stayed, until this morning when I came to see that all had settled, a bowl at rest and peace, a gentle oasis reflecting this day in me.

The peaceful habitation of change and exchange


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