Yesterday Michael Atkinson led a Sensory Awareness call on Zoom.  He spoke about a tango lesson he and his dance partner were given by two tango masters.  The man said you only need to remember two things:  the pause and the full stop.  Michael and his partner then danced with that awareness, and saw and felt the difference.

We worked with noticing the pause in breathing, and then, in language.

What is it to give ourselves fully to a word, a statement, a phrase? 

I started with “Please, come in,” and felt myself invited in to myself, and then, the more I stayed with the word “please” the more I heard and became “ease”.   That led, this morning, to realizing the word release also contains ease. Play with a word, and feel and hear how the breath folds and unfolds the heart, throat, legs and feet.


Come to a full stop!  

What comes?

Touch possibility in the pause – a – bility – the invitation within.  

Gratitude is so much more than a polite thank you. It is the thread that connects us in a deep relationship, simultaneously physical and spiritual, as our bodies are fed and spirits nourished by the sense of belonging, which is the most vital of foods.
Tennessee Valley on Friday
The Hiker in Desolation Wilderness

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