I’ve been in pausing mode, cocooning.  I’ve been with transition and how we meet what comes.

A friend has been going through chemo.  The doctors thought if the chemo could shrink the tumor, he could have surgery but at this point he is so weakened, that the question seems moot, and so how do we meet this?  How do we meet what comes?

This morning my heart is heavy and my eyes are filled with tears.  My heart feels like a breast dripping and pumping milk into the mouth of a baby who sucks to live, and the world sucks now on my heart, on all hearts for the milk of compassion. I suck there too.  Compassion.  May we all feed there!

What do we make with our grains and beaches of sand?

From Robert Aitken, “The Nature of the Precepts”

The Dharma is the mind, not merely the brain, or the human spirit. . . . It is vast and fathomless, pure and clear, altogether empty, and charged with possibilities. It is the unknown, the unnameable, from which and as which all beings come forth.

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