Yesterday I was in the waiting room at the vet.  When I walked in, a pretty little cat was resting on the counter in a pretty little cage.  I learned her name was Princess and the man who brought her in thought she could be boarded for three weeks while he was on a trip.  This vet doesn’t board cats, and Kitty Charm School is full right now. It was a dilemma.

A woman sitting there with her cat named Tux because being black with white at the neck he looked like he was wearing a tuxedo offered to take Princess home with her for three weeks.  The man agreed and they exchanged information.  The place was rejoicing, well maybe not Tux who was sitting regally throughout the negotiation. Meanwhile Princess was present for it all dainty and assured as a princess should be.

It was such a sweet resolving of the problem, and I walked out smiling with the beauty and care of this world we share.

Sign at The Cat Clinic

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