People have mixed feelings about Next Door.  I have mixed feelings about it too but yesterday there was a post about a lost chicken under someone’s car.  What to do?  Advice came clucking  and the chicken was rescued and is cuddled and safe.  It takes a village.  

I was at the Cat Clinic yesterday with my cat Bella.  I was there twice as she had to stay for tests.  We’ll find out the results after twelve today.  They don’t take appointments so there’s usually a  long wait.  Sitting there, I thought of the old advertising slogan, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda!”  I was thinking “You meet the nicest people at the vet.”  In the waiting room, each cat is acknowledged, examined and clucked over.  Yes, chickens are on my mind, and you can make that a political statement if you so desire.

Last night, I took an on-line test on kindness my son sent me.  I was surprised to see how much the day affected my answers.  I was in a super-good mood.

I offer the test to you.  It’s part of a study and anonymous but take it and see how it affects your endorphins.  Invite the questions and answers into your moments and days.  Notice stimulus and response.  

The link to the test is at the bottom of the article but all of it is fascinating.

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