When I went to bed last night I felt the portal opened by the passing of Bella.  I lay there in the light, and slept until I woke at 4:30, wide awake and with an aching heart, but as I felt the ache, I felt it more as a feeling, as the deepest feeling permeating my whole being.

I came to the computer and when I turned on the light, the most beautiful moth flew up and fluttered about my face.  When I went to sip my coffee, there was the moth, laid out beautifully like a heart.  I took the moth outside and gave it to the yard.

Yesterday I told the lovely nurse who helped us that there would be no more pets for me.  When Tiger goes, that’s it, and then, this morning I felt how that’s why we’re here, to feel this transition, the beauty of life here, and the passage to what comes.

I’m blessed.  We’re blessed.  May we live in Gratitude, Appreciation, and the shared  feeling of connection that is Peace! 

Inlet in the Bay


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