Today I notice so clearly what the early morning darkness does to my need to go within, to look around my home with new eyes.  Yesterday our rugs were cleaned and a tree branch that fell in the storm cut into pieces and removed.  Both allow me to see a little more clearly as the rugs, still drying, leave the space open and spacious.  What do I put back?  And more light comes through the space opened by the removal of branch and leaves. How now do I arrange my life in these next weeks of increasing darkness before the return to more light?

In that exploration, I read about the controversy over Toni Morrison’s book Beloved.   I think back to reading Moby Dick in high school and Heart of Darkness.  Did I understand the depths of what was being said?  Probably not but surely I was affected and moved  into the study of literature in college.  I wanted to understand and experience more than what was tangible and directly evident in my life.

What is it to be threatened by what comes from “outside”?  When my son was a freshman in high school, the first Gulf War began.  His school and those he knew were against it but on-line he connected with people who were going there.  He learned other viewpoints.  I’m grateful for that.

I will re-read Beloved to sink into why it’s such a threat to some that it threatens a very important election in VA.  When I wrote postcards urging Democrats to vote in this election, I didn’t realize how much was at stake.  I can have compassion for those who so fear anything that might threaten what they’ve been taught to believe, and I can hope the ability to understand our relationships, responsibility, and perceptions expands with a Democratic win.

There’s beauty when a variety of flowers share a space

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