Having two sons, over the years there have been various girlfriends, and an exchange of gifts, which as sons and girls moved on, those gifts were left here.  One gift was a four foot tall creature, something well-known it seems in certain worlds, though not mine.  I’ve been trying to give it away for years but finally had it sitting in the entryway to give to one person when a neighbor came by and fell in love.  She left here holding it treasured in her arms.  It was such an example of what we keep to ourselves rather than letting it circulate.  It’s been sitting in our basement for years, obstructing energy flow and the new coming in, and now it’s carried to a new home in the arms of someone in love.

And again today I drive south to be with family, and check out homes.  It’s my route of the moment, the immersion in change.  

As I drive, I’m with these words of Shozan Jack Haubner, from “Consider the Seed”.

There’s a natural balance, a dance, between embracing and releasing: turning your surroundings into yourself, like the tree that absorbs carbon dioxide, and turning yourself into your surroundings, like the same tree releasing oxygen. This is what Buddhists call the Middle Way.

Savoring Exchange

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