My teacher of Sensory Awareness, Charlotte Selver used to say we have wars because we don’t listen to each other.  

It’s not always easy to listen, to listen to ourselves,  and through that, to another. A cultivation of empathy is required to receive the perceptions of another.


We can think the work has only to do with what’s going on inside us. And we can become carried away by this inner excitement, and we can stay entirely within ourselves. ‘Am I sitting right? Is my head free? Is my neck elastic?’ Be careful about that. When another speaks, live with the other. Creep under the skin of the other, if possible. 

Everyone of us, in hearing what the other person has to say, goes away enriched by what everybody else has experienced—-if it is allowed in. 

Allowing In
Different niches at Kehoe Beach
Mother and two baby otters on the sand

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