Not only is it Groundhog’s Day, but it’s February 2, 2022, so 2-2-22.

And if we pause at 2:22 today, we’ll be in a lineup with twos as though entering an Ark.

And with that, I bring forth Pema Chodron’s words from This Sacred Journey:

My children met the Sixteenth Karmapa when they were teenagers, and I asked him if he’d say something to them. I said to him, “The children are not Buddhists, so is there something you could say to them with that in mind?” He just looked right at these young teenagers and said, “You are going to die. And you’re not going to take anything with you except your state of mind.” You die, but your state of mind continues. So how we work with our thoughts right now really matters.

And right now I’m thinking of the number 2 as a place of balance and harmony.

2 thoughts on “Today is 2 Day

  1. I really LOVE this Pema story. I remember hearing her share it on audio years ago.

    Also, I was so touched by your beautiful Secret Santa story. Did you get a family photo you want to share?



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