I’ve been with my grandchild who is now two years, five months.

Months count at his age, spinning joy along to three.   

I’ve been a dragon, both friendly and scary.  I’ve been The Reluctant Dragon of Kenneth Grahame fame, spouting poetry and wrapping a delightful little being in giggles and hugs.

I’ve been with the purity of  presence, each moment full, spacious, empty, all at one time.  It’s an expansion of sensory awareness that requires a landing into a different view of time. 

I’ve been reading 4000 Weeks by Oliver Burkeman.  He writes of time as experienced by a child, non-linear time, and so now I balance on rings wired with the wonder of childhood, the delight of feeling my feet bounce up and down on the ground as my head lifts with birds singing in trees overhead.   

Because I thought yesterday was April Fool’s Day as the days run together when with a little one, we planned to play a joke on daddy.  I would say I was taking Grandson home to live with me, and Daddy would be sad, and then, we’d shout “April Fools”.  Well, Little Guy got so excited with the joke that the lounge chair he was sitting on folded up with a pounce, and there he was sandwiched between.  By the time we got him out and hugged all hurt away, the joke was forgotten which worked since it was the wrong day.

Now today I’m with the beauty of seeing with the open embrace of a child.  I watched him water the plants with a teeny-tiny cup, the water shared equally, and he did this over and over again. The equal sharing was very carefully measured out and he ran back and forth for more water until each plant had enough.

 I, too, am watered with love, presence, gratitude, and shared care.

I offer the words of Ajahn Brahm from “In Brief”.  

Too long I was told that the spiritual path is dry and intellectual. That wisdom is cold. But I have seen with my own eyes that in the hands of great masters, wisdom is warm and full of humor.

My Great Master shows me this.

As Gary Snyder says, Nature is not a place to visit. It is Home. 

Burgess Park
Outside the Library in Menlo Park
Wings of Wisdom
Nurtured by Community
Evening treat for Oma and Daddy

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