My posts may seem unusual for a while as I’m going back through writing from twenty-five years ago.  What was I exploring?  I was learning that allowing myself to be received is an act of giving, so here I am.  Receive.  

I asked myself “questions as bait”, as ways to wake.  Try it.  It’s fun!

Questions as Bait

How do I hang rainbows from the sun?

How do lips climb?

How do I fold and unfold my heart – origami sails for sea and sky? 

How do I lick the sky like blueberry pie?

How do I empower joy, and lift my heart on a bench to look out at the world from a cloud?

Can I be like anemone,

fed from air, like sea? 

I said to myself each day:  I am a commitment to birthing a focus for my life each moment, each day,  a changing lens knowing that for the Dalai Lama, and therefore for what I intend, kindness and awareness are the same thing.

At the time, I came upon a young boy loading fish from a stream into a cooler.  He then carried the cooler with the fish up the stream to a pond he had dug.  He was trying to save the fish from the usual summer drought.  I think of intention, beauty, kindness, diversity, survival.  

I would have forgotten this episode if I hadn’t written it down on paper, a layer received from a tree.  

When my niece was young, she waltzed her semi-personally created character through Toon Town on the computer.  I could see her hand-eye coordination creating new pathways in the brain, and activating what may lie dormant in me.  It was like learning a new language, an opportunity to interact with others in a virtual, and yet, emotionally satisfying way.  

Now, she, too, is a lens for me, as I turn the kaleidoscope of my life round and round.

Turning round and round, turned

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