I rise early this morning, and go outside to see the early morning alignment of four planets.  Stars are sparkling through the redwood tree like Christmas lights, and then across the southern sky, I see a shooting star. 

Crickets are chirping and soon the birds begin.  

Yesterday we were at the Children’s Discovery Museum with our grandchild – another gift.

And not just a gift of our grandchild, but the gift of children exploring, climbing, playing, sharing. 

It’s the last day of April and tomorrow is May 1st, May Day.  As a child, on this day, we made baskets and filled them with candy and flowers to hang on neighbor’s doorknobs to celebrate the longer days.

I’m still going through paperwork from the past.  I come across my certificates for “graduating” from chemotherapy, and then radiation.  Both certificates are signed by the nurses who cared for me.  I give thanks.  

May we each feel and fill with delight like May baskets. May we savor what sings around us on earth and in the sky.

The Golden Gate
Looking across to San Francisco
Scented Coyote Bush with Ladybugs
The Big Climb
The Builder
The Musician

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