Our book group formed many years ago around a love of Jane Austen and Dickens though the first book we read was Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner. Discussing that book, we learned more about each other than people we’d known for years.  We knew we’d found something, at least some of us.  There were seven of us on the first trip to England.  A friend just asked about the book group trip so I go through a photo album and snap photos through plastic to find a few of our first trip. 

Our second trip, minus one member who passed away the year before, we spent a week on a canal boat which was quite an adventure.  We were the entertainment as we navigated through narrow locks with a 70 foot boat.  We spent the second week on a walking trip through the Cotswolds followed by time in London.  

This friend asks what I’m looking for in going back through the past.  I respond that I’m circling back to remember with reverence this life I’ve been given.  I’m preparing for my transition which could be now, or twenty or thirty years from now, but I see and feel this as a time to gather and honor all I’ve been given, as I circle and center in Heart, Essence, Source.  

Sally drove our rental van and provided a container to hold luggage for six!
“Oh, who could ever tire of Bath?”

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