Last night I sat outside with the stars waiting for the moon.  I felt pulled upward and outward by the vastness.  What is it that one person plans to murder other people? How can we speak of regulating women’s bodies, and allow no regulation of guns?

I’m up early, again pulled by the light of the moon.

The state of CA has a $97 billion dollar surplus.  Imagine if that money was used for education and infrastructure.  Imagine if every child was given the gift of a Vision Quest, a week on their own in nature, a week alone learning the  gift of survival and connection, the gift of looking up at the stars.

In the essay Spring by Gretel Ehrlich, she wrote: 

“I think about the eagle. How big she was, how each time she spread her wings it was like a thought stretching between two seasons.”

Surely we can stretch our thoughts like the wings of an eagle, like butterflies fluttering in air, like the relationship between sun, moon, earth and stars.  

Lichen growing on a rock, showing the purity of the air

Abundance – CA Poppies

Step into the orchid, petals like wings

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