It seems another book comes. The Mill Valley Outdoor Club has a new book, Ladies to the Rescue:

Before women won the right to vote in 1920, women’s clubs were one of the only avenues by which women could wield political influence in their communities. The Outdoor Art Club was founded by 35 Mill Valley women who used what their husbands often dismissed as a “social” club as a platform for environmental, civic, educational, and cultural activism. Ladies to the Rescue profiles these women, and also illuminates a critical period in our local history when the boundaries between Marin’s rapidly growing urban areas and its natural spaces were the subject of fierce debate between land developers (all of whom were men) and environmental conservationists like the women of The Outdoor Art Club. Much of the open space in Southern Marin that we enjoy today survives because of the early efforts of these women.

Thank you, Women!

Mount Tam allowed to be as she is

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