When my children were young, there were times I wanted to lock them in a closet, to keep them here with me, to keep them safe.  Today I think if they were still young, I wouldn’t let them go to school today.  We would stay home together and cuddle and snuggle and read books and go to the park, the mountain, the beach.  We would play with Legos and Tinker Toys, and talk about ethics, morality, compassion, kindness, non-judgment, community, and peace.

Non-judgment – today’s challenge is to not judge those who vote against background checks and common sense regulation of guns.  Why do they vote that way?  Money.  Power and Money!

From Heather Cox Richardson:

Increasingly, NRA money backed Republican candidates. In 2012 the NRA spent $9 million in the presidential election, and in 2014 it spent $13 million. Then, in 2016, it spent over $50 million on Republican candidates, including more than $30 million on Trump’s effort to win the White House. This money was vital to Trump, since many other Republican super PACs refused to back him. The NRA spent more money on Trump than any other outside group, including the leading Trump super PAC, which spent $20.3 million.

The unfettered right to own and carry weapons has come to symbolize the Republican Party’s ideology of individual liberty. Lawmakers and activists have not been able to overcome Republican insistence on gun rights despite the mass shootings that have risen since their new emphasis on guns. Even though 90% of Americans—including nearly 74% of NRA members—support background checks, Republicans have killed such legislation by filibustering it.  

I think we’ve all had enough.   

The flower and the bee come together – the result –

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