I can’t shake my grief over the slaughter of these children and two teachers.  It’s a weight, a weight for the country, a weight it seems we deserve.  

My brother and his family lived in Newtown when the shooting at Sandy Hook happened.  They went to funeral after funeral.  When I’d visit, we’d pass a beautiful playground built with money donated as people wanted to assuage their grief.  

A playground needs children and I never saw any children playing there.

I read that the teacher closed the door when she heard shooting outside but the door didn’t lock.  Imagine if it had.  

We have money for weapons and protective gear for police and then we ignore basic maintenance.

We are a nation grieving as we enter this new month of June.  June is named after the Roman goddess Juno.  She is the god of marriage, childbirth, and fertility.


Sink into the heart

Morning Fog

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