We’re having a heat wave so last night I went outside for two reasons, one to cool off and two to listen to music from a high school graduation party down below us.  The music was fantastic, a live band, vibrant with the rise and fall, the depth and expansiveness of full, generous voices.  The music crossed genres, and soulfully felt like a night in New Orleans.  The last song at ten was The Saints Go Marching In.

When I heard the music beginning at seven, I brought a blanket and pillow out and lay on the deck looking up at wispy clouds and blue sky that became the rising of the moon and the first star. As day turned into night, I turned inside and out, massaged on life so easily and blissfully shared.  

I woke up this morning shimmering like a tuning fork, grateful for each breath, the in and out, lungs so beautiful in their handling of and care for air.  Our little bird friend is still resting on her nest, and yesterday I was at a friend’s house where a mourning dove nests like our little wren.  Meanwhile flowers are everywhere.

Her mate sentries from a nearby branch

The Heavenly and Earthly Song and Dance!

4 thoughts on “Music of the Spheres

  1. Loved your blog this morning. I also appreciated the delightful band last night, how wonderful to hear happy music, joyful voices, celebrating a graduation but adding a wonderful change to our otherwise depressing week. We need joy wherever it originates!


    1. So you heard it too. I thought it came from below me but it’s so hard to tell with the reverberations in the valley. Do you know where it originated? I would love to know the group. I was enchanted for three hours from the first song to the last, from light to dark. Yes, happy, joyful music, yes! I’m still vibrating with the calm and expansiveness of it, the beautiful offering so shared.


  2. I do not know where it originated, but it was obviously below us somewhere in the valley between our homes. It was such fun to listen to such obvious happiness. I fell asleep very peacefully. I just felt it was a wonderful, unexpected gift….


    1. I felt the same way Ning, that it was a very special gift. I felt blessed and grateful and slept well too. I’m keeping an eye on Next Door to see if I can find out where it came from and who played.


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