Yesterday I watched the first hour of the hearings, watched Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony on what happened on January 6th.  I was shaking, shaken as I often am by what has been happening.  I watched while it was happening on January 6th, and I felt what Trump was doing was obvious and clear, so I’m not surprised or shocked by her testimony.  I also note that those who testify under oath reveal what those who asked to be pardoned refuse to say.

That said, today, I wake aware that the saying of support, “and the sky is blue” brings to me words of even more support.  The earth is turning, always turning, at least within our lifetimes.  Can we tune into that turning, feel the motion, see it as one does when pausing allows one to see the movement of the sun from east to west, the changing shadows in the trees? The earth is turning and we are turning, opening to and being given new views.

Awareness – sensory awareness.  Yesterday I participated in Stefan’s offering where he spoke of generosity, the generosity in seeing, and allowing what’s here to come to us.  In my home, I see what I’ve gathered and created, what’s been given to me, and how I choose to arrange and display the gifts.

The earth is generous; the universe is generous.  In this circling motion, this opportunity, may we allow ourselves to be nurtured on truth revealed and spinning on looms we create and perceive.

If you are interested in Stefan’s work, you will find him here.

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