Yesterday I watched Dan Pfeiffer on Zoom.  He was speaking at Book Passage on his book Battling the Big Lie: How Fox, Facebook and the MAGA Media Are Destroying America.   He was very clear that if Democrats don’t work to win the midterm elections, democracy is over.  

One point is to stop talking about Biden as a one-term president.  Pfeiffer listed all the things Biden has done.  Let’s focus there, and then, in April 2023 we can start talking about who might run in 2024.

One key issue is the Supreme Court.  Not only must it be expanded but there must be ethical accountability and a limit to how long each justice serves.  His suggestion is that there are 13 justices and at a certain point, the oldest moves into a group to advise and step in when needed.  They would still be paid but that would allow a new, younger, more up-to-date court to make decisions that align with the wishes of the voters of that time.

We need ethics on the Supreme Court.  We don’t have that now.  That Clarence Thomas won’t recuse himself from a case in which his wife participated says it all.

Georgia O’Keefe said, “I got half-a-dozen paintings from that shattered plate.”

Our country is looking tattered and shattered. What do we do with the pieces? What do we create?

Rocks at Rodeo Beach

Looking Up

Surfers in the waves at Rodeo Beach on Friday

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