Years ago, I did the Coastwalk.  We walked the coast of Marin, spending the night in tents, a hostel, at Audubon Canyon Ranch.  We walked along the bay, up hills, slept by the beach, walking, tasting, talking, and not.

This morning I walked alone along Tomales Bay – low tide.

From The Power of An Open Question by Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel:

Life is full.  In fact, life is so touching, curious, sad, exciting, scary, and bittersweet it’s almost unbearable at times. But as human beings, we need to ask ourselves:”Must we turn away from life’s fullness?” To turn or not to turn – to stay open – this is the question. And this kind of questioning takes us deep into the heart of personal inquiry and shows us how to fully embrace our humanity.


Looking for Breakfast

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