Pythagoras: Astonishing!  Everything is intelligent!

We’ve been with our 2 and ¾ year old grandchild, and being with him, seeing through his eyes and senses, it’s clearly so true.  “Astonishing!  Everything is intelligent!”

Grandchild notices everything and wants to know purpose and interaction.  Posts provide the retaining wall for our Japanese garden.  He wants to understand them, to know why they’re lined up like cars on a train.  Are they a train?  I never noticed before.  I simply saw posts.  Suddenly I felt the aliveness still there in the posts, in the metal in cars on a train, and the interdependence in the garden swept over and through me.  “Astonishing!  Everything is intelligent,” when one sees with the eyes, innocence, and wisdom of a child.  

View of the city from Sausalito yesterday – no heat wave here

At the Children’s Bay Area Discovery Museum

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