In meditating today, I hear the sounds of children playing. Generosity of sound comes to mind.

There must be a party as adult voices provide a background for the textured aliveness and enthusiasm in the voices of children.

Generosity touches the air, strokes connection moving and shared.  

Ears open, clear, and stretch in the generous outpouring and generation of sound.

In his book The Joy of Living by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche writes about perception using the example of an experiment with a T.   Individuals are shown a T, a T with both segments the same length, but people see the segments differently. 

Those who live in flat areas like the Netherlands see the horizontal line as longer.  Those raised in mountainous regions like Nepal see the vertical line as longer.  I live where it’s flat and there’s a mountain, so I wonder how my eye integrates the expanse in the arm and leg of the T.

Right now, I listen to the sounds of children as their voices rise and fall like waves landing and sinking into the sand of my day.

Exuberance and Power in Silence and Sound

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