Yesterday I went to the O’Hanlon Center for the Arts to see Holly Wong’s Guardian of the Spirits,  a “suspended installation of cellophane, dichroic film, silk and polyester organza, gold fabric, vinyl tablecloth, transparencies and thread”.   That may sound strange but it’s a beautiful, flowing, clear and patterned airiness.  It moves as one walks by, and then, guarded by the spirits, one looks up to the second floor, and there overhanging is a long gun sticking out from the turret of a tank.  Walking up, one sees the tank with a teensy-tiny Russian flag atop is breaking through a wall.  The flag of Ukraine hangs from the gun.


Heart stops and beats even more receptively again.  

Guardian of the Spirits

Close In

The whole display

Russian Tank by James Vogel

Tank with flag of Ukraine

The Russian flag atop

In my yard this morning

Opening and Reception are Everywhere

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