Because I’m in the process of transitioning from the hard contact lenses I’ve worn for sixty years, my focus is on vision, and the beauty, intricacy, and intimacy of the eyes.

There’s no longer protective glass between my eyes and the world. My eyes are moist, naked, exposed.  

In doing exercises to improve my vision, my vision is changing as is my awareness.  It’s quite a practice to go from a coating over the eyes to fresh air moving in and out, and a constant changing of glasses to adjust vision for near, far, and intermediate, so I can read the computer screen.  

I’m aware of choice in what I see and of nourishing my eyes with rest and soft seeing.  My teacher of Sensory Awareness Charlotte Selver once told a woman she used her eyes like forks.  I’m aware of receiving even as I reach for clarity and definition, while also beckoning open focus.

In balancing, I nurture connecting eyes to heart, hands, and feet, portals with which to give and receive.

The moon this morning

The Morning Sky

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