I’m making cookies with mint.  I thought mint might be too strong a taste for my three year old grandson  but he is clear and announces: I like mint!  That he knows because he had his first candy cane this year.  

Because he celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas, he informs me today “I have a lot of toys.”  That announcement occurs before this year’s Christmas gifts and Santa’s slide down the chimney.

I think of giving and how we want to give and this little fellow has a multitude of people who want to give to him, and so he learns to give and receive.  He tells me excitedly that he has gifts to bring to our Christmas celebration, specially chosen gifts to  give.  I know he was included in the shopping, choosing and wrapping.

Our family celebrates two days, Christmas Eve and Christmas day, and as I pause to meditate on the returning light and the joy of the season, I give thanks.  May this new year bring sweetness and tenderness to All even as we understand that includes speaking out and working for what we know is right for the planet and ourselves, all One!

A time to bring forth and deepen our dreams.
Circling pillars strength

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