Today I had a doctor appointment at 9:30 which meant I had to deal with a 7.9 tide at 9.  I left early and when I returned my freeway exit was underwater and closed so I went to the next one which I thought would be clear but wasn’t. I creeped through rivers of water.  It was a little scary but though I got home I also had two necessary appointments so had to go out again. 

I went up the mountain and around, and then between the two appointments went to the Mill Valley Library rather than coming back home.  What a treat to be in the library in the rain, or anytime. It was filled with happy people, computers, and books: a shrine. 

Seats upstairs were full so I went downstairs and found a comfy chair right by and angled to look out the almost floor to ceiling window. Heat swelled up through the vent at my feet. I overlooked the now full and rushing creek and trees. 

Occasionally children’s voices tilted and lilted like tiny lights. Communion! Warmth! Gratitude!

Society doing what it does best. A library – a gift!

Looking up at Redwoods in Old Mill Park
Reverence reigns outside the Library in the park
How to create a Smart Garden
Smart garden outside the Mill Valley Library
Outside the front of the library
Looking up at the back of the library
A wood fire inside the library
The creek

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