I watch egrets and herons stand still, maybe take a step and then, another, until, and then … a fish!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack – feeding depends on the tides.

I’m with these words of T.S. Eliot, from “Ash Wednesday, Part 6”;

Teach us to sit still.

I learn stillness and response watching my feathered friends. They are exquisitely feathered right now. It’s breeding as well as feeding time, and it’s cold. They also spend time grooming.

Oddly, each time I go to type houseboat, I type lifeboat. I think both are true.

Three egrets and two herons
Beauty unfolds its wings
Great Blue Heron excites and soothes heart and mind
Out for a stroll
I’m in Love!
Beauty and Grace
Duck Grooming
Heron Grooming
Three ways to be
Rare snow on Mt. Tam

No need for Tahoe today

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