It’s a full moon, the worm moon, named for the time of year when in some places rain taps the soil to wake the earthworms to rise and aerate the soil.

We certainly have rain.  Yesterday was dramatic in turning the moisture of the sky as earthworms turn and open the soil.

I become more and more aware of how differently each of us perceives and sees the world as my vision continues to open, pause, immerse, receive, and rest.  It’s such an adventure, this living, an adventure of stimulation and change.

Pico Iyer: “Let Life Come to You” – 

Like happiness or peace or calm, paradise is not found by looking for it. Instead, it comes upon us, or we put ourselves in the right place where it can visit us.

Birdbath beckons ease
A cat rests in the rock
Rocks and plants nest like spring colored eggs
Balancing strength in curves
Ring Mountain overlooks the movement of the bay
A sentry rock awaiting the arrival of quail
The light divides the bridge into black and white as do bridges in our thoughts
The evening sky offers castles and visions to climb and bridge

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