When I left the house on Monday to have cataract and lens replacement surgery on Tuesday, I saw a Great Blue Heron standing in front of my neighbor’s full-size playhouse.  I took a photo and it looks like the Heron is bigger than the house.  I saw it as a good omen for my surgery.

Home for a Heron

The ophthalmologist was clear this experience would be different than the one two weeks ago because it was a different surgery and the brain is complex in its processing.  I agree.  Today is again a recovery day.

What makes me laugh though is this article on penguins having my same surgery.  I asked the ophthalmologist about it and she said vets have done cataract surgery for many types of animals and even big fish.  Who knew?

The aging penguins with their “new” eyes became more active and exploratory, so I’ll see what happens to me.  I feel like I’m emerging from a tunnel wondering what the changing combinations and layers of light and dark bring now and now and now.  


The marsh in Larkspur yesterday
A Territorial spat
Mt. Tam emerges yesterday afternoon
The Larkspur ferry arrives for the evening
A curious seal face
A head arises – Canadian Goose is here

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