Today we’re supposed to wear green because it makes us invisible to  Leprechauns who like to pinch anyone they can see.  

My interest today is in the throat.  I was surprised when before my cataract surgery, the anesthesiologist looked into my mouth to see if my throat was flexible enough to be intubated if something went wrong.  He was pleased to see it was supple and open.  It seems many people are so tense before surgery it’s tight and closed.

Since my time on the houseboat which was filled with watching marsh birds, especially the herons and egrets, I’ve been even more aware of my throat, especially the indoor corridor.  We might have awareness of the outside as it connects torso and head, but there is also this beautiful living inside that it’s fun to notice and play with.  How open is it? How silky? How curious to bend?

Today, in addition to awareness of green, I offer photos of birds with beautiful, sinuous, flexible in and out throats.

Egret with head pulled in for observational warmth
Low tide look for food
Ready to launch
Heron bends to groom
Pure Grace

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