I’ve been in Menlo Park with my three-year-old grandchild.  I’ve been living the life of exploration, discovery, and  imagination.  

Today I spent time with him in his preschool, so I was with a group of three year olds.  Because I lived in Florida and San Diego and have spent wonderful time luxuriating and playing in the sun, twice a year, pre-cancers are frozen off my body, especially my hands.  Today six children gathered around me, very concerned about my “ouchies”.  They held out their smooth young hands, hands in an array of colors and tones, and I wondered how we ever got into disagreement around skin color.  Skin is our largest organ, our exchange between in and out, and for these children, there is nothing to notice or discriminate against. Their only concern was my ouchies.

I also saw negotiation in action.  When there was a conflict, a discussion between the two children ensued, with an examination of what happened concerning hurt feelings and/or physical hurt.   When all was resolved and understood, if a hug was desired, a hug was given.  I think of all the squabbling happening these days.  Could it be resolved with discussion and a hug?  

Grandchild is ready for a bicycle, and so there has been discussion on who gets to give it, and how, and when.  That leads me tonight to the wonderful response to the letter asking whether or not there is a Santa Claus.  Yes, Virginia, there is.

Yesterday I drove down state route 35, Skyline Highway, which goes between 280 and highway 1, two routes I usually take. I stopped in two places where land is preserved for nature and sacred hikes. California is an extraordinarily beautiful state no matter which route one takes.

View down to the ocean
A clear day
A beckoning path

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