It’s a day of complexity and fragility as we honor Mother and Mother Earth as represented in our own mother, 

My mother passed gently and sweetly in 2005, passed as she lived, gently and sweetly, and so today, a sweet, gentle sadness comes in as part of me.

A crow is energetically cawing around our house today.  I remember when I had a tiny basket of three tiny brightly wrapped chocolate eggs resting on our wall system.  One day the three eggs were replaced with three tiny rocks.  I believe it was our local jay that gave the exchange. 

We don’t know how closely we’re watched by our surroundings, by birds and trees, plants and people, and so on this day it is to celebrate our own mother, our own tendencies to mother, and this beautiful earth we share birthed moment by moment, and year by year.

Watching the top of one tree for a hawk, this tiny bird flew up from the tip of another branch top.
Joy in Flight

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