Yesterday I learned that I can’t use soft contact lenses, so I will be wearing glasses until the cataract surgery which I now learn will probably be available in six months, not three.  For every decade of wearing hard contacts, it takes the eye a month to adjust back, so in my case, 60 years, six months.

I know this is an opportunity, and that I’d been stuck in a rut, and so this morning I sit here – hmmm – what is my mood?

I’m extremely aware of vision these days and I feel my vision cloud when I read and watch Marjorie Taylor Green deny wind turbines and solar panels because she doesn’t “wanna have to go to bed when the sun sets”.   I thought it was a joke but no, I watch her saying it, and there’s applause.  After all, who wants to go back to washing their clothes in a tub?  Those who expose the dangers of Trump, what he tried and is still trying to do, that those people aren’t re-elected I find sobering.

A democracy can’t survive an uneducated populace and as much as I choose to stay positive, it’s hard not to wonder about this country and how we are now viewed in the world, especially since Trump’s theft of classified information endangers us all.

And with that, I’m with the changing clouds in the sky. What a gift!

The landscape moves as do I.

Morning Sky an Eye

Low Tide

The moon was still in the sky when I rose this morning.  The moon influences the tides and I knew yesterday would be a low, low, so I went to the marsh to see the mud exposed where water often flows.

I think it’s clear these are challenging times, and as I walk by houseboats sitting on mud I think of how clearly those who live there know the rise and fall four times a day.

I’m with these words of Mark Matousek, from “A Splinter of Love”.

In grief we access parts of ourselves that were somehow unavailable to us in the past. With awareness, the journey through grief becomes a path to wholeness.

The marsh in June

Stranded Seaplanes

Stranded boats for now – wait a few hours for the float

Lifted as fairy tales do

The Leaning Eiffel Tower

Crossing from one path to the next

Above it All!