The moon was still in the sky when I rose this morning.  The moon influences the tides and I knew yesterday would be a low, low, so I went to the marsh to see the mud exposed where water often flows.

I think it’s clear these are challenging times, and as I walk by houseboats sitting on mud I think of how clearly those who live there know the rise and fall four times a day.

I’m with these words of Mark Matousek, from “A Splinter of Love”.

In grief we access parts of ourselves that were somehow unavailable to us in the past. With awareness, the journey through grief becomes a path to wholeness.

The marsh in June

Stranded Seaplanes

Stranded boats for now – wait a few hours for the float

Lifted as fairy tales do

The Leaning Eiffel Tower

Crossing from one path to the next

Above it All!

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