Last night I was outside with the full moon, and now I receive the news that a baby we have been waiting for is born.  What a relief!  I know that childbirth in this country is mainly safe but years ago, a friend died in childbirth at a hospital in Palo Alto, and so I’m always on alert until the little being is through the canal and here, seen, and cared for.

Her mother had a tough and long labor and now this little girl is here and my grandson has a new cousin.  He loves music and rhythm, and so alive with vision and possibility, he channels Gene Krupa and the joy of playing the drums.   

The Reward for Labor

Autumn Light

There’s a softness to the light as darkness comes.  I light a candle each morning and settle into the pulsing approach of winter, this seasonal exchange of light and dark.  I circle my spine and pelvis, dig more deeply into expansion, grateful for more time to look up and out and be with more stars than the essential gift of our sun.   

Being with the wisdom of the cave


When we were in Monterey recently, I was enchanted with the aquarium. I’d never seen anchovies circling in the Kelp Forest before. Now, I read that they’re not always there. These will be eaten by bigger fish within two weeks.

That morning, I’d been enchanted with this sculpture. After seeing the anchovies, I knew what it represented.

Anemone waiting for the tide to come


We were in Monterey this weekend with the rhythm of the tides. Here are anemones at low tide Saturday morning.

Full Moon

The July full moon is called the Buck Moon because antlers of male deer are in full growth mode.  I woke in the night and the room was bright with moonlight.  Look up tonight and savor reflecting within as growth comes.

Rising with the Moon

The moon symbolizes enlightenment to Buddhists, and you may have noticed the brightness of this full moon.  It was a bright light both in the evening and in the morning.

Yesterday was the Day of Vesak, a day to celebrate Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death.  Since I was at the ocean last week, I’ve continued to feel the waves in the oceans in me, the continents, the always moving change and flow.

Mark Twain wrote: 

 I am an old man, and I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.

I’m with that this morning, laughing with the twitter-tweeting of birds.  I’m eating my first cherries of the season, and yes, my life is a bowl full of cherries as I offer the pits to the yard wondering if one or two will choose to sink into the ground and rise as a tree.

Morning Moon
Low tide in the Bay

The Gift of Scent

One of my Mother’s Day gifts was a bottle of perfume from Powell’s bookstore called “Eau de bookstore”. 

I’ve missed being in bookstores.  Browsing them is one of my favorite things to do and with the pandemic, that was out, so there the books were shut up inside, and I, on the outside looking in.  

Of course my house is filled with books but there’s something about a bookstore, the arrangement, exploration, discovery, and excitement that I’ve missed.

Before I opened the bottle, we discussed what the smell would be. Would it be musty or filled with light? I sprayed the scent, and yum. The smell was pure delight.

The blurb says: “The riveting scent of books, with subtle hints of wood and violet, come together in Powell’s by Powell’s. Wherever you are, experience the comfort and nostalgia of Portland’s most iconic bookstore.  You won’t be able to put it down.”

It’s true. I inhale and exhale the enchanting smell of wisdom and connection shared over the years!!


When I went through chemotherapy, I learned that in receiving, I was giving. I didn’t have the energetic resources to give anything but reception and I saw the gift in that, the beauty of completing a circle of exchange.

Gracious acceptance is an art – an art which most never bother to cultivate. We think that we have to learn how to give, but we forget about receiving things, which can be much harder than giving.
– Alexander McCall Smith.

My Guidance for Today

When the basis for your actions is inner alignment with the present moment, your actions become empowered by the intelligence of Life itself.

– Eckhart Tolle

Tennessee Valley

It’s Spring!

The sun has officially announced that it’s spring thanks to our planet’s revolving and tilt on its axis.  Though it’s spring, it’s 39 degrees here this morning and yet the birds are happily singing and looking for mates and places to build their nests.  The shift is clear.  

Yesterday I was on a Zoom call where the woman leading was alone in a beautiful landscape in Canada.  She sat by a wood fire she kept feeding with sticks of wood. Wrapped in a parka, she was next to a snow-covered frozen lake that was lined with evergreen trees.  I, and others, felt we smelled the smoke as it wafted up into the air, and I thought what is imagination and memory in our lives.  I felt cold as though I, too, was in a frozen landscape. People mentioned hot chocolate and s’mores. I wondered what signals the smoke was sending, what message the logs were giving as they gave warmth and light and changed form.

I found myself with trees and space.  I wondered how it was for the trees to watch a wood fire, and then, I wondered if that’s what we’re always doing as we see others and ourselves age.  I shifted into a different landscape of transformation and change.

There was, and is, a oneness to the feel, trees, landscape, frozen lake, wood, snow, and sun that gives burning energy and warm assurance to our lives.  Now, today, I look out on the sun-kissed sky as I welcome what this new day offers and brings.

The ridge this morning at 8
Zooming in