Falling Leaves

On Saturday I was with my three year old grandson and the falling leaves from a Japanese Maple tree.  We stood under the tree as though it was snowing beautiful red leaves upon us, and then he lay down in the leaves and made a Leaf Angel.  

As more leaves fell, I raked them into a huge pile and wrapped them all around him so just his head was out in the air.  The leaves became his racecar and then it was as though he entered a peaceful place, a study in bliss, as did I.

Each of us is being sprinkled right now in the memories of this closing year as we integrate and transform, as we are integrated and transformed with what is present and past.

May we receive with ease.

A rooted rise



I wake with gratitude.

We learn that Ebi, the rescue greyhound,  did race.  She was in 15 races and won one.  She wasn’t even two years old.  No wonder she’s so grateful to just snuggle now.  Racing dogs are kept in crates.  The girl crates are on top of the boy crates. That’s their life, a crate and a chance for a sprint. That’s it.

Her name was Super C Rumor, a rather odd one.  I like Ebi.

I watched the movie Awakenings last night.  It was my third time, and again, like with Ebi, it leads me to wonder what is this immersive connection  called life.  Bella is here on the chair next to me.  I’m caressed by her curled sleep of contentment, her breath.

It rained in the night and more rain comes.  I feel the streambeds fill and roots reach for water to drink, cleanse, and raise.  Offering abounds.  

I read that this year is just like last year only this year we have toilet paper.  Ah, and one can only laugh and the rain pours down, pure grace.

Losing oneself in what is Here

Is finding that “Here” is what one IS.

– Wei Wu Wei

Why Read My Book

Today I read an article asking a writer to explore what their book is about, what was going on in their life when they wrote it, and why the reader would be interested.  

I reflected on this and recognized that my book is about trusting that the universe answers when we ask.  It’s a beacon, an offering.

Request; receive.

Airing Out the Fairy Tale is about touch, touching our own knowing, our own path, and winding it in and out of the landscape we inhabit and share like thread.  

It’s a hand-held invitation to trust.  

I thought my life was calm when I wrote the book, that this calmness was an invitation to look back but I, like others, am involved in a pattern of relationships that creates waves in the flow, so it was a dance of in and out, of then and now, all wrapped together in a gift of presence, a knowing there is only “now”.  

Each moment is a request. How do I receive what comes? How do I respond in this moment and the next?

Why do I suggest you read my book?  I’ve learned empathy expands through reading.  We step into the life and experience of another, then differentiate and choose.

My intention is to wave a blanket over a fire sending smoke signals that communicate that you, too, can receive and fulfill what you desire.

I desire to inspire!

Honoring our interdependence, I understand that your change is mine! We intertwine.

Therefore, join me as we dive, rise, jump, and spread our wings in a circle of delight. It’s Spring, a time of birth and light.