I wake with gratitude.

We learn that Ebi, the rescue greyhound,  did race.  She was in 15 races and won one.  She wasn’t even two years old.  No wonder she’s so grateful to just snuggle now.  Racing dogs are kept in crates.  The girl crates are on top of the boy crates. That’s their life, a crate and a chance for a sprint. That’s it.

Her name was Super C Rumor, a rather odd one.  I like Ebi.

I watched the movie Awakenings last night.  It was my third time, and again, like with Ebi, it leads me to wonder what is this immersive connection  called life.  Bella is here on the chair next to me.  I’m caressed by her curled sleep of contentment, her breath.

It rained in the night and more rain comes.  I feel the streambeds fill and roots reach for water to drink, cleanse, and raise.  Offering abounds.  

I read that this year is just like last year only this year we have toilet paper.  Ah, and one can only laugh and the rain pours down, pure grace.

Losing oneself in what is Here

Is finding that “Here” is what one IS.

– Wei Wu Wei

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