This morning I woke feeling myself sinking calmly into a pond, anchored like the lotus, content to sink into mud, and then, I thought of mushrooms and mycelium, mycelium running all through the earth, connecting, unseen, and then, I felt myself as that reproductive body, the mushroom, popping up and out with rain.  We’ve had rain.  

I should check my yard and see what’s growing there but now in this moment, sprouts rise and bloom from my heart.

I feel content these days.  Garrison Keillor writes of that place.  Perhaps it’s a Midwestern thing that signals connection with a few, and yet …

Ken McLeod in Reflections on Silver River writes this: 

As my teacher once said, “If you could really take away the suffering of everyone in the world, taking all of it into you with a single breath, would you hesitate?”

And then he introduces Tonglen meditation as a way to begin.

Today I float up and down like a jellyfish trusting immersion in my environment and unfolding in and as what comes and goes.

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