Friends are going through chemotherapy right now which may be why I’ve wondered what to post.  My experience comes back, and I remember the beauty of connection, the clarity and gratitude that we are all one and we do a great deal to save the life of another.

Lately I’ve been with the uniqueness of each one of us, the uniqueness of our experience and perception.

Recently I read The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.  As reading does, it allows one entry into the mind of another, a man with Aspergers.  It’s laugh out loud funny in places and yet there’s a deeper stream of compassion and strength holding it all together.  Though it’s a trilogy, I only read the first book.  It was enough, and I’m with enough these days, knowing enough.

I’m grateful to be alive and well and able to feel the reverberations of all we create and share as we balance the tides and embrace and release with care.

Ebi, the rescue greyhound, thinks she’s a Lap Dog.

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