It’s the night before the full moon and I watch it rise through the trees.  The greatest love swells in and around me. Is it the soft evening light that deepens the passage into Spring?

Something shifts in me.  Wrapped in a blanket, I’m enveloped in the soft, sweet fragrance of Pittosporum.  The moon rises in me and there is comfort and peace.

There she is, a vision in the sky

The fog blowing in blurs the moon and trees

4 thoughts on “Evening Healing of Grief

    1. Yes! I think when we get outside and see the moon rise and move across the sky it is like a brush of healing, a touch of something beyond. We see the sun through the moon, and it’s not so bright so it’s easier to absorb the reflection of light that reflects our wound and brings it to life.


      1. What a great comment! I wonder if this is the nature of any good healer- they are as the moon, reflecting the sun in their client, and it is more easily received because it is a reflection…
        I sit with this idea of moon’s way of healing.

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  1. Ah, yes, the healer as the moon reflecting this powerful light. Yes!! I know I can absorb the moonlight at times the brightness of the sun is too much for me. I cultivate the dark. Yes!


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