Yesterday I was in a car, on a plane, in a car, and then walking in NYC. Today has been walking in NYC, a train, and a car. Now, I’m softly settled looking out on trees. Travel emphasizes that wherever we go, there we are, and it also shows that there’s momentum in traversing distances, and it’s wonderful to stop. I’m a champion of the pause. Where is grief in all this? Bella says, “Why aren’t you home?”

And now I see squirrels running up and down the trees just like at home, and a cat that looks like Bella just walked by.

“Little Sweetie”
Squirrels love trees and everywhere is home!

Support is everywhere!

2 thoughts on “Day 34: Movement

    1. Yes, isn’t it something, and Bella truly is a “little sweetie”. The sun is shining here today. It’s a beautiful day for a wedding, a beautiful day for a beautiful couple to commit to each other and life.


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