Yesterday we enjoyed lunch with Jan, my sister-in-love, at Stone’s Throw, a restaurant on the Housatonic River.  It was a perfect beginning to a day of perfection.

She is able now to read a poem on grief by John O’Donohue I sent her after my brother Gary, her husband, passed five weeks ago today.

View from Stone’s Throw restaurant

We then attended a beautiful wedding at Laurelton Hall Chapel.  The newly, now formally united couple, met in high school and have been best friends and soulmates ever since.  It was a wedding made in heaven and both families already spend holidays together so it’s a uniting truly blessed.

The reception was at Aria high upon a hill.  Appetizers were served outdoors. We could have been in Tuscany or Napa but we were in CT.  A windfall from an attic search after grandparents passed provided a surprise display of fireworks worthy of the Fourth of July.

I sit here now, a cauldron brewing experiences of love, trust, healing, and beauty.  The father of the bride kept speaking of his love of Michael and his trust in giving his “little girl” to Michael, and still how hard it was to do. Yes, and now there is what comes.  Tears, love, and joy, and fireworks lit the night, and this morning I sit here calmly, beaconed in peace.

Aria though there’s no way to capture the size and extent of the view

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