The fog is a tight wrap this first Sunday in July, and yet I wake thinking of sunflowers.

Yesterday I learned two friends lost their siblings.  One lost her twin.  

I’ve stopped counting the days since my brother passed, months now, but found myself expanding out into loss, into an ability to be a circle of petals rather than a tightly held bud of pain and grief.

Last week I joined Steve in his Alexander Technique session.  In my first attempt to come down and sit on a stool, I felt fear still held in my knees from the accident where I broke bones in both feet and couldn’t walk.  I find myself wanting to honor all that is true for me – fear, grief, anger, love. I want to receive the changes as they come.

May this be so for this collection of matter animated spirit today.

Love, Peace, and Ease.

Sunflowers share a vase – come together and part

Mergansers at the marsh – photo by Bob Dresser, recently passed away

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