Yesterday, my Sensory Awareness group, a quartet, met on a Zoom call.  We were exploring balance and dizziness by noticing and experimenting with different ways to be with our tongue which leads to examination of all.  At one point, Siri joined in, and said, “I can’t help you with that.” How right she is. There are enjoyments and moments only we can create.

As I felt my tongue, allowed it out into the air flickering and tasting like a snake, my breath changed.  I felt my tongue like a tail, yes, an augmentation to my balancing act. When I allowed my head to come forward, I felt the muscles around my occiput let go, and sinuses filled with fresh air.  My eyes bloomed, and breath came, breath came up from the earth into my feet, up through my heart, and into the air, a shower, an embrace.  

Perhaps this sounds silly but maybe today you’ll feel inclined to place a finger on the muscular organ that is your tongue.  Maybe a quiver of intention will sharpen your attention as you honor this place the Egyptians called the Rudder of the Soul.

I’m noticing now that when I’m involved in a task, my tongue often comes out to help.  It offers ballast and balance.   

After this exploration with friend tongue, I went to my local grocery store, Good Earth, and chose three bunches of fresh basil.  Unwilling to stifle or stuff them in a bag, I carried them through the store like a bouquet.  

Home, I rinsed the leaves, grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, then, garlic, a little salt, and then slowly pouring in olive oil pulsed it all together in the food processor.  Presto, pesto!   

I felt such gratitude in doing this simple task that I felt compassion for those so burdened with servants that they may never have worked with or prepared their own food, never washed a favorite dish.   It’s a balance of course, but Steve and I are living in gratitude these days, each moment, pure grace.  

And thanks to easy information access, I learn that the tongue is anchored to the floor of the mouth, and various muscles keep it “suspended” in the throat.

And so, I bring it out to play, and run it back and forth between my teeth, mind in teeth meeting flexibility and strength, the wave that is the tongue.

Sunset last night – moon floats off to the right – a rudder for the sky

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