This morning I’m with two things, this quote by Toni Morrison: If you want to fly, you have to give up things that weigh you down.

And David Brooks, an opinion columnist in the New York Times writing about Marianne Williamson and how she is the one to beat Trump with her message which is an uprising of decency.  Wow!

We’re ripe for change, and yes, a return to decency, ethics, and morality, a return to speaking openly of love and how we’re wired to care. We thrive on connection.

Yesterday, my intention was to spend time with Rodin’s sculptures at the Legion of Honor.  Reading about how he worked spirit into clay had me inspired to again visit his work but then the fog around the Legion led me down steps, many steps, to the beach, and rocks that seem like animals held still and a low tide that revealed starfish, or sea stars, as they are otherwise known, and anemone waiting patiently for the return of the sea.  

I love the summer fog, its wrap of mystery, mysticism, and mist.  It opens dreams.

Starfish holding the rock like a hand

Branch like a Ladle

The rising of rocks


Kiss of Waves

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