Yesterday I rode the ferry from Sausalito to San Francisco and back again. I was content to sit, watch, and feel the movement of fog and waves.  I’m still with the rocking and the float, the carriage. In some ways, it’s like climbing up into a tree, being held as the earth turns round.  

I met my daughter-in-law for lunch, and because I was early, sat in the shade and watched an array of people parade and stroll by.  We are a diverse bunch, we humans, and I wondered what was going on in each person as we were gathered together in one place, the ferry building and its surroundings, for a time. And yet here we are on one planet, gathered together for a time.

This morning I ventured down to our local grocery, Good Earth.  The produce is a gathering of summer light and delight. I chose peaches, raspberries, and blueberries, and two kinds of lettuce from Green Gulch, a few miles away.  I came home to make a fruit salad, eased in honoring the seasons as they turn in each of us.

Students are back in school. We turn toward fall as the sweetness of summer fills the grocery store bins, our stomachs, our hearts.

The ferry, the city, and one person’s greed

One thought on “End of Summer Ease

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